Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a newer technology used to aid in healing of various musculoskeletal conditions. Blood is drawn and then spun down, concentrating the layer with platelets.   Platelets contain many different growth factors that foster healing and formation of fresh tissue. 

What is the evidence?

Currently there are many studies underway and our knowledge of platelet rich plasma will change in the future.  At this point, studies have shown value for using platelet rich plasma in many tendons and joints including

Achilles tendinitis

Patellar tendinitis

Tennis elbow

Golfers elbow

Rotator cuff

Hip and knee joints

Hamstring Tendons

Platelet rich plasma use in musculoskeletal conditions is a newer technology. Since this use is newer, there are studies being done to evaluate platelet rich plasma effects.

Beware of clinics promising results without evidence.  Each patient and each condition needs to be evaluated individually.