"Dr. Vidlock is incredibly intelligent and skilled with her ultrasound. I have finally found an answer and relief for my shoulder. I had been going to another doctor who treats professional athletes and was just ignored in that office. Dr Vidlock and the office really care about the regular patients too. She listened and explained everything. "

Linda from Highlands Ranch

"She is by far the best doctor for runners. She figured out my problem when I had been to other doctors for years. She could see the issue with the ultrasound and after an injection I walked out without pain and can run all I want"

KMM Lone Tree

"Dr. Vidlock is the best. She is probably the smartest physician I have met. I have seen her for multiple joint injuries and she takes the time to explain all my options and discuss everything. I have sent several family members to see her and they all have great experiences."

Kathy from Castle Rock

"LOVE coming here. Dr Vidlock is knowledgeable and explains everything. I have been to several other doctors who told me never to run again and she has helped me to get past my injuries and keep running marathons."

Pam from Littleton

"Best experience I ever had"

Mark from Centennial

"I feel like she really cares if I get back to my sports. She explains everything. I went to another office that didn't even let me see my xray, but Dr Vidlock makes sure I understand everything. I have brought my children in also and we will keep coming back."

Laura from Aurora

"Everyone was so nice. You can tell the whole office cares about patients. The one time she was running late the office staff made sure I knew and was apologetic. She told me all my options and after an injection I feel great!"

Chris from Castle Rock

"I went to 2 other orthopedic offices in the area and was treated like a number. The staff here is friendly and cares about me. The other offices told me there was nothing more to do for my tennis elbow but Dr Vidlock did a special injection with PRP and it is completely fine now."

Anon Highlands Ranch

"I have recommended her so many times to my tennis friends and other Moms of athletes. She is so smart and uses an ultrasound machine to help see exactly what is going on. We could see how bad my daughters achilles tendon was right in her office and we knew when it seemed healed enough to go back to running. Even with my shoulder problems she helped me get through my tennis season. The front desk is so nice and welcoming."

"Dr. Vidlock understands how important it is to my kids to play football and soccer. She got them back healthy."

"Now I know why my tennis league loves her. My elbow and shoulder are so much better"

"I trust her completely. She has helped me and my children through many injuries. She always explains the options thoroughly."

Chris from Highlands Ranch

"We went to another clinic first because they treat pro athletes. What we found out is that they don't care about their non pro patients. We tried Dr. Vidlock because a friend went there and she actually cares about regular people who want to get in shape." Mark from Monument

"I wanted information on prp and stem cells. She was patient and listened and explained all the pros and cons. She was honest about both of them being experimental and discussed the studies being done. My girlfriend went to another doctor that was pressuring her to do both and wasn't up front about the costs or if they would help. I feel like I can trust Dr. Vidlock"

"Great with elbows"


"Intelligent and caring. My wife is training for triathlons again after an ankle problem."

Brian from Highlands Ranch

"You treated my bones and the surgery went well."

Pat from Pueblo

"Dr. Vidlock seems really smart and she made sure I knew all my options, even the ones I wasn't likely to pick. I couldn't really understand the ultrasound pictures at first, but she showed me my muscle tear and explained how it happened."

"She explained things in laymens terms and was very knowledgeable."


"I have been getting knee injections and she does them well. Much less painful than my previous doctor."

T.D. from Highlands Ranch

"She is the best! I had tennis elbow for 3 years and was told I just had to live with it. But she needled it with ultrasound and I can play in my league without pain. I will keep coming back."

"She was very patient and compassionate with my wife who doesn't understand well and was injured. Her staff was helpful and Jeannee is worth her weight in gold."

"She explained all my options and helped me see the pluses and minuses. VERY knowledgeable."

"I went to 3 doctors who advertise about treating pro athletes and they told me to stop running. Dr. Vidlock put PRP in my tendon and a few weeks later I was back to running pain free. She understood my need to keep running. She gets the athletes mindset because she is an athlete. She talked me through the whole process of rehabilitation. She actually cared if I got better. She tried really hard to get my insurance to pay for the PRP. I cannot recommend her enough"

"I completely trust her. She is so smart but she explained everything in terms a nonmedical person would get."

"I felt comfortable and trusted her right away. She is incredibly smart and takes her time to explain everything."

"Thank you! I finally got some honest answers about my achilles tendon. She went through all the treatments and took her time."

"So caring! Thank you!"

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